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#05 - "Maybe I ignored it too much?" (Lucy)

🌺 Who are you, in a few words?
Hello, my name is Lucie and I am 32 years old. I live in paris.

🌺 What made you testify?
It's a big challenge for me, who am very reserved. But I think that the subject deserves to be addressed and that we should speak out, to play it all down!
My relationship to my vulva is pretty neutral. I respect her, but we are not complicit. Maybe I don't know her enough? That I ignored him too much?
But I take care of it.
After taking the pill, I suffered a lot from vaginal and vulvar dryness and irritation. So, I had to develop my little vulva care. I use intimate washing gels which do more harm than good haha ​​and in the end what suits me is coconut oil! It's great

🌺 Do you think knowing your intimacy can help you feel better about your body?
Downright ! But precisely, it is necessary that we can get to know each other, that we find the tools, the information.
This is also why I wanted to testify, because I find that the Peachyness project will contribute enormously to bringing all this to France.

🌺 What would we need to be more serene with our anatomy and our sexuality?
I think it goes through education!
On the one hand the education that we receive at school and in the family circle but also that made through the more global social context, messages sent by society as a whole (advertising, culture, media).

🌺 What do you think is the most taboo point when discussing (female) intimacy?
Pleasure ! Because even if things are changing little by little, the role of the woman mother or lover giving pleasure, has never but never given way to the woman's own pleasure, without any other function.
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