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#08 - "I have a pretty cool relationship with my vulva!" (Cora)

🌺 Who are you, in a few words?
Hi, I'm Cora ( @salutbichette ), I'm in my thirties and I work as a project manager in the event sector. I am a super active girl, who gets bored quickly, looking for new trends!

🌺 What made you testify?
I was immediately hooked on your project.

🌺 What is your relationship to your vulva?
I have a pretty cool relationship with my vulva!
Coming from a fairly liberated and not at all modest family, I very quickly became aware of my body and my vulva!
I take care of it quite naturally (of my vulva). I try to limit as much as possible harmful shower gels, tampons, panties that are not made of organic cotton, warm-ups...
I have used calendula oil before to relieve irritation. Coconut oil is great too, especially after scrubbing or waxing!
Being good with your intimacy and knowing it allows you to have better confidence in yourself and in your body.

🌺 What would we need to be more comfortable with our anatomy and our sexuality?
Intimacy remains a subject that is still taboo or rarely mentioned in our society. We need to be better informed, better accompanied, to democratize this subject!

🌺 Do you have a funny anecdote to share with us about you and your vulva?
Never tried waxing alone! 😂

🌺 How do you plan to use our balm? Do you think it will help you re(connect) with your vulva?
I think there really isn't a special vulva product and that would be awesome! I think it can only be positive, doing good to her vulva is doing good to her head!

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