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#06 - I think I'm one of those women who have no taboos (Marie)

🌺 Who are you, in a few words?
I'm Marie, I'm 24 years old and I'm self-employed! I am a consultant in digital communication strategy & influencer!

🌺 What made you agree to be interviewed?
Help other women love their bodies ❤️
I think I'm one of those women who don't have taboos to talk about it, but who aren't the most comfortable in the world either haha! I grew up not talking about it too much with my parents so it doesn't help I guess.

🌺 Do you take care of your vulva? Why ?
I would say I care more about it, but I could do it even more! I do not use intimate hygiene products.
But I think knowing your intimacy can help you feel better about yourself. When we understand how our body works we can only love it more and take care of it.

🌺 What would we need to be more serene and more comfortable with our anatomy and our sexuality?
I believe the key is education and communication.
That everything related to intimacy (especially female) should no longer be as taboo as it is today. It would allow young girls to grow up with all the elements necessary to understand their bodies

🌺 What do you think is the most taboo point when discussing (female) intimacy?
Ahhhh, there are so many!
Periods, orgasm, masturbation, etc., simply because no one told us about them when we were little!

🌺 Do you have a funny anecdote to share with us about you and your vulva?
I think it would be my first appointment with the gynecologist haha!
All my girlfriends told me "don't worry the first date, she won't shut you down!". I was 15, and I had never felt so bad on a leash as when she said to me "take your clothes off" 😂

🌺 How do you plan to use our balm? Do you think it will help you re(connect) with your vulva?
You have to see it as an everyday ally! A bit like a moisturizer that we use daily for the well-being of our skin :)

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