7 actuces pour prévenir une mycose vaginale

7 tips to prevent vaginal yeast infection

We share with you the good gestures to prevent a mycosis. Simple things that are easy to set up.

We share practical tips with you to prevent fungal infections, this benign infection but which nevertheless sometimes makes our lives really hellish! 😅

What is a vaginal yeast infection?

Vaginal candidiasis, also known as yeast infection, can cause itching in the vulva and vagina area, and is caused by yeast. Several factors can contribute to their multiplication, including the use of antibiotics, a weak immune system, pregnancy, the use of oral contraceptives, diabetes, the abuse of vaginal douches, the wearing of synthetic underwear, among others.

The 7 Tips to help prevent it:

1. Avoid humidity and prolonged heat ( sauna, swimming pools, jacuzzi, etc.) . Remember to dry your mucous membranes well after a bath, swimming... They promote bacteria.

2. Use a condom when the flora is fragile. Typically right after menstruation or when there is discharge or irritation. Semen temporarily changes the vaginal pH. If the flora is already fragile at this time, irritation or infections may occur.

3. Wear loose cotton clothing . They let the vulva breathe, limit irritation and mycosis.

4. Avoid aggressive products. Remember to use intimate products adapted to the flora and whose pH is physiological (and not neutral = pH of 7 whereas the vulva and the vagina are more acidic) and without perfume .
The use of vaginal "douches" is to be avoided and too frequent soaping is known to promote vaginal mycosis in women.

5. Clean the VULVA only . The vagina ( the channel through which babies come out, where a penis, fingers or sex toy is inserted ) is self-cleaning. So we leave him alone! We only clean the external parts of her sex: polish, lips, clitoris...

6. Change your tampons regularly.

7. Don't use washcloths , wash with your hand.

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