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#04 - "Love Your Body" (Anaïs)

🌺 Who are you, in a few words?
Anais Da Silva, 31, childless, but we're trying! (Update, Anais is pregnant 🌺)

🌺 What made you testify?
I want women to be reminded of the importance of listening to their bodies. The importance of hormones. The importance of loving your body and respecting it.

I often had cystitis growing up. Then I had 5 uterine tumors.
It pushed me to take care of my vulva.

Having not had a period for 13 years I had to make sure that if the blood wasn't cleaning up my bacteria, then I had to. I had to take care of myself and my vulva.

It also allowed me to reconnect with my body, with me.

🌺 Do you think knowing your intimacy can help you feel better about your body? Feel more sure of yourself?

Clearly! We understand better what the body likes and dislikes. What awakens it and what puts it to sleep. We are more in harmony. We understand it better.

🌺 What would we need to be more serene, more confident, more comfortable with our anatomy and body?

Maybe we let the woman be in control of her body.
Let's stop the stigma of the object woman. Let women be allowed to be free of their sexuality.

Masturbation remains a taboo subject, which must be freed. It is fortunately less taboo than at one time. Fortunately !

I also think that the Peachyness vulva balm will allow me to continue to connect to my body and my intimacy by bringing me softness, care and kindness.

If you too want to free vulvas and give voice to yours, send us an email , with your story or answer our questions HERE <3

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