Brûlures et démangeaisons de la vulve ?

Burning and itching of the vulva?

Many people suffer from burning and itching of the vulva on a daily basis, either regularly or chronically.

How to apprehend these intimate concerns? What are their causes? How to mitigate them?

Many people suffer from burning and itching of the vulva, on a regular or chronic basis.

How to apprehend these intimate concerns? What are their causes? How to mitigate them?

What causes vulvar burning and itching?

Your vulva is lined with relatively sensitive mucous membranes that can feel burning and itchy.

When these inconveniences are temporary, they can be caused by a simple intimate dryness. Tight clothing, sanitary protection, such as tampons and pads, which stick to the skin and easily absorb moisture and create irritation. It can also be irritation due to friction from underwear, laundry that you react to, sustained sexual activity or intimate hygiene that is too rough on your vulva. Unsuitable intimate soaps, vaginal douches... can disrupt your flora and cause these ailments.

Stress or hormonal imbalance (peri-menopause, pregnancy, taking antibiotics, etc.) can also be the cause of these vulvar burns and itching.

Intimate dryness, such as burning and itching, results from an imbalance of the vulvovaginal flora. Concretely, what does this mean? Your genitals are naturally protected by live microorganisms called probiotics.
These "good" bacteria (lactic ferments) fight against micro-organisms, such as microscopic fungi and allergens, by acidifying the mucous membranes and covering them with a protective film.

This defensive barrier is sometimes weakened by external factors, listed above (hormonal upheaval, rubbing of clothes, irritating laundry, aggressive intimate care, stress, etc.).

Harmful bacteria and yeasts (such as fungal infections) can then take advantage of this to multiply and cause vulvar disorders. It is therefore possible that your burning and itching stems from a fungal infection.

How do you know if you are suffering from irritation, mycoses or an intimate infection?

It is not always easy to distinguish the reasons for her vulvar ailments.

In the case of occasional irritation or dryness of the intimate mucous membranes, the use of a moisturizing intimate care product (such as our Peach Me balm ), combined with the wearing of loose clothing and underwear made of natural materials (cotton for example - breathable) should help soothe your vulva.

In the case of fungal and bacterial infections, itching and burning are unlikely to be the only symptoms. Fungal infections, especially candidiasis caused by Candida albicans, are usually accompanied by a white, odorless discharge that looks like curdled milk.

These infections can also be spotted by the color of your vaginal discharge. These will change colors, varying from greenish to brown and will be smelly.

Do not hesitate to talk about it with your doctor, midwife or gynecologist, to get the best advice and treatment, if necessary. You can also get a self-test at the pharmacy to help you determine if there is the presence of bacteria. If so, it is important to see a doctor.

How to soothe your vulvar burning and itching?

It is essential to treat the cause, to find the solution adapted to your intimate burning and itching.

For yeast infections? Nothing's easier. In pharmacies you will find antifungal eggs, sold without a prescription, to be combined with an anti-fungal cream. After a few days, you should see these ailments disappear. However, this "treatment" will not prevent the recurrence of fungal infections.

In the case of bacterial infections, it is imperative to consult a health professional in order to benefit from the most appropriate antibiotic treatment to treat the bacteria causing your problem.

An adapted daily personal hygiene, not too aggressive, is necessary to maintain a healthy flora and microbiota. Clear water is enough to clean your vulva, labia, clitoris. Avoid cleaning the vagina (the canal through which penetration or births take place), because it cleans itself.

And for more comfort, do not hesitate to put on an intimate care product, like our PEACH ME balm , to protect and soothe the vulvas.

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