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#07 - "My vulva, basically it's a bit like my Serena's Blair" (Lisa)

🌺 Who are you, in a few words?
Lisa, 24 years old and I am the founder of The Venus Apothery !

🌺 What made you testify?
Speaking Vulva is fantastic!

🌺 What is your relationship to your vulva?
My vulva is basically the Blair of my Serena. Well more metaphorically speaking, I would say it's like… Yeah, space! Gravity here I come!
More seriously, space is mysterious, fascinating, a frontier towards infinity. Bah my vulva, I see it like that. I know it can give me infinite pleasure and having looked at it not through a telescope but with a mirror it seems to me that everything is in order for the magic to work.
Still, I don't feel very comfortable with her. It still remains unknown to me, because I have decided not to explore it for the moment. I hope to no longer regard it as a very, very distant galaxy.

🌺 Do you take care of your vulva?
Yep, lots of coconut oil! This is important since the continuous pill (endometriosis) dries out my vulva a lot.

🌺 Do you think knowing your intimacy can help you feel better about your body and more sure of yourself in general?
Certainly ! It is even the key to all self-confidence!
I think a new education system should be put in place. Teach girls that it is important to look at each other, to explore all of their intimacy and above all to communicate on the subject in the end not taboo! We talk wrongly about the penis, it's the turn of the vulvas.

🌺 What do you think is the most taboo point when discussing intimacy?
The rules !!!! Great taboo subject!

🌺 Do you have a funny anecdote to share with us about you and your vulva?
Well, all it takes is a bad PQ and she finds herself in the flames of hell!

🌺 How do you plan to use our balm?
I think it will be part of a daily routine, like a treatment, it will above all be part of an essential


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